Evolved Fights – Vanessa Vega Vs Landen Turner


It’s frustrating when a wrestler comes onto the set with an attitude of arrogance and entitlement, thinking that their physical prowess alone is enough to win them the prize. But when they prove to be completely inept and unable to put up a decent fight, it’s downright insulting to the winner. Vanessa Vega stars in this humiliating fight.

Vanessa is a skilled wrestler, and she knows it. When she steps onto the mat, she expects to face an opponent who is at least somewhat competent. But Landen Turner is a complete disappointment. He stumbles around like a newborn calf, unable to land a single blow or defend himself against Vanessa Vega’s onslaught.

Evolved Fights – Vanessa Vega Vs Landen Turner - XXX PUSSY FUCK
Evolved Fights – Vanessa Vega Vs Landen Turner – XXX PUSSY FUCK

In round 3, Vega decides she’s had enough. She puts Turner in a chokehold, cutting off his air supply and making him gasp for breath. Then she switches to oral, using her mouth and tongue to bring him to the edge of orgasm. Turner can’t help himself – he cums, right there on the mat, in front of everyone.

But Vega is disgusted. She doesn’t want anything to do with this loser, not even the pleasure of fucking him as a prize. In her eyes, he’s not worth the effort. He’s not even worth acknowledging. He’s just a pathetic waste of space, and she’s glad to be done with him.

Vanessa Vega Vs Landen Turner

It’s a harsh lesson for Turner to learn, but maybe it’s exactly what he needs to hear. Wrestling isn’t just about physical strength – it’s about attitude, strategy, and determination. And if you can’t bring those things to the table, you don’t deserve to be in the ring with this winner.

Vanessa is a fierce competitor in the Evolved Fights arena, and she always plays to win. But she doesn’t just want to beat her opponents – she wants to dominate them completely. That’s why she uses losers for her own pleasure, making them submit to her every whim. Whether it’s smothering them with her hairy pussy, or forcing them to worship her feet, Vanessa knows how to get what she wants.

Vega uses the loser for her pleasure – she face fucks Landen, putting him into painful holds while the winner rubs her wet pussy on him until she cums. In our humble opinion, not getting fucked is the most humiliating thing that could happen on an evolved fights match. When the winner wants nothing to do with you, you’re done here.

In the world of Evolved Fights, not getting fucked is the ultimate humiliation. It means you’re not good enough to satisfy the winner’s desires, and that you’re nothing more than a worthless loser. When Vanessa decides she’s done with you, there’s no coming back. You’ve been thoroughly defeated, both physically and mentally, and you’ll never forget the shame of being used for someone else’s pleasure.

Date: June 15, 2024

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